Review: Sothys Exclusive Black Box

Monday, December 21, 2015

Hello! Black Box has sent me yet another exciting exclusive box, the Sothys Exclusive pack.

I have seen this brand around high end facial boutiques and spas but i've only ever tried one product from their extensive range of products! I can't remember for sure since that was a few years back when i was working in the beauty line but I think it was a body scrub or something? 

I remembered that the scent was quite classic and the product worked pretty well but I did not repurchase because of the slightly high end price tag and also the fact that it wasn't readily available everywhere. You know that saying, out of sight, out of mind. hahaha 

SOTHYS Cherry Blossom & Lotus Escape Shower Cream (30ml)
SOTHYS Cherry Blossom & Lotus Escape Body Scrub (30ml)

I brought this two body products along with me to use during our trip to Seoul, that soft and gentle scent of the Cherry Blossom is so yummy! It wasn't too over the top feminine for Leon so - no complains about the scent hehe the body scrub was quite gentle on the skin but yet it seems to effectively slough off the dead skin and we loved how smooth our skin was!

Since it was quite cold and windy during our trip the shower cream really kept our skin hydrated even when we didn't use any body lotions throughout the trip, so basically it was pretty much a two in one product for us and it worked out really well since we did not have to pack an extra tub of lotion hehehe, save us some luggage space for our shopping!

SOTHYS Hydration Kit (3 pcs pack)

This 3 pcs hydration pack comes with Hydra3Ha™ Intensive Hydrating Serum, Hydra3Ha™ Hydrating Gel-Cream and Hydra-smoothing Mask.

For Leon's dry skin it didn't felt hydrating enough for him but for my combi skin it felt quite good, I used that hydrating serum and gel-cream as a day moisturizer and it didn't feel too greasy/too drying.

I tried the mask during the night and washed it off after 20 minutes and my "smile lines" seems to be slightly smoother, but I guess the effects will probably last longer with constant use.


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Review: Etude House Exclusive Black Box

Friday, December 04, 2015


I'm so excited to review the latest Exclusive Black Box, this time they have collaborated with Etude House to bring us a box of must-try products. 

I always get drawn into Etude House stores because of the princess-y look of their stores (at this point i will hear the hubbay sighing when i drag him into the store hahaha), plus their products are always so adorable and affordable so you don't feel any heartache even if you buy LOTS of products from them at one go, haha which is totally possible because who doesn't love everything cute and girly?!

I have their flamingo eyebrow trimmer that is so cute and i use it almost everyday to clean up my brow area, it makes me kinda happy when i see it everyday cos it's so cute. hahaha the point is that i really love Etude House!
Honestly I've not tried the Etude house BB creams and cushions because there's is so many types and I never know which one to buy so this is the perfect kit for me. Hehe so this comes just in time for me, I get to try first and got the full sizes when I was in Korea last week! Score! :D

Precious Mineral Any Cushion in W13

I have tried 2 base cushion so far, the Laneige pore control & Innisfree Long Wearing Cushion, yes there are both for oily skin which is more suitable for combination skin like mine, I've always wanted to try Etude's house but never gotten around to try it but this little tester is so ADORBS!! 

Look at the mini cushion! Hahahaha pat this on and you will definitely have that glowy skin you've always wanted. The coverage is surprisingly quite good with this cushion even though now I'm breaking out quite a bit but I'm still able to cover the blemish pretty easily with this cushion.

You can see in the above pic i have a little red scar on my knuckle and below i have pat on a little of the Precious Any Cushion and it covers up the redness nicely and gives a glowy finish!

I tried it on my face today when i went to the dentist and i was pleasantly surprised to see that after  couple hours it didn't crease or really cake up on the side of my nose/smile lines which is a norm for me usually. Yup, needs no further explanation, this is also one of my many loots in Korea, I’ve gotten so many of them and I guess this very much will last me for years!

Precious Mineral BB Cream Kit

This is also my first time trying the precious mineral BB cream(s)! 

They all have this really nice light scent that's not overpowering at all *thumbs up*
Similar to most BB creams in the market, they have SPF 30 PA++ in them, any protection from the harmful UV rays is always good and a MUST!

Blooming fit gives this more glowy watery look, probably more suited for girls with dry/normal skin type, the Cotton Fit is great for combi skin like mine, it helps with coverage for huge pores and spreads on real nicely I like that it dries to a nice matte finish as well. 

After trying all 3 of them, I know I’ve found my winner! Perfect fit seems to give me the best finish! It doesn't leave any sticky feel yet it looks slightly glowy yet provide pretty good coverage, all in that little tub! Seems like I've found my winner and I know which bb cream to get in Korea next week!

Wonder Pore Special WOW Kit

I was actually using this Wonder Pore special wow kit when I was staying in Taiwan for my Makeup Artist course earlier this year during summer! I have run out of my usual skincare and I've gotten the kit when I was shopping at etude house for my favourite Kissful Lip Choux (I've worn this lip tint in Shade 1 for the past few years and I've always gotten compliments, best lip tint ever!!) 

How it looks like on my lips, I love love love it!

I've even used this lip tint on some of my brides who request for the korean bridal look for their actual day makeup too because it looks so sweet and "juicy" and yet it last forever yet feels so light on their lips with no sticky feel whatsoever.  

So back to the Wonder Pore skincare series, my favorite is the soap! It has this minty scent and it makes my oily skin feels oh soooo clean!

I use the total pore solutions only on my nose and cheek area when my pores are most visible and it gets absorbed into the skin real quick!

Age Defense Skin Care Kit

The age Defense kit comes with 3 products - the essential softener, emulsion and firming cream.

I thought the softener would be really thick and sticky but it's always quite watery and absorbs into the skin real quick, leaving skin smooth and prepped and ready for the next step.

Had some troubles getting the emulsion out since the bottle is hard and impossible to squeeze and the emulsion is too thick to be "shaken" out of the bottle too haha so I used a q tip to dig it out, again the emulsion was hydrating enough yet doesn't leave a sticky feeling, it's nice but I wonder if it will work for slightly more matured skin since this is afterall the Age Defense range.

Ahhhh ok, i guess if you use all 3 steps with the firming cream it will be hydrating enough I like that the age Defense firming cream feels rich and creamy, keeps the skin really moisturised but yet doesn't leave a sticky after feel. 

For oily skin girls, this is the most important point that we look out for when picking out a suitable range of skincare for sure!!

All in all, I think this is quite an interesting edition of the BlackBox because I'm a makeup kinda girl and I had a great time trying out the BB creams and cushion along with the skincare products!

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